Rules and Requirements

Non-compliance with any of these rules and requirements may result in exclusion from future Tours.

A. Participating Artists/Artisans with Studio

  1. Must pay the non-refundable participation fee of $75 + GST.
  2. Must reside within the following boundaries: From Crescent Beach on the West to 176th street to the East, and South of 37th Ave (does not apply to Guest Artists).
  3. Be present in your studio during the 2 days of the Tour from 10am to 4pm. 
  4. Be prepared to demonstrate and discuss your work.
  5. Have a substantial body of your own original work available to display and sell on the Tour weekend.
  6. Contribute one piece of your art for the South Rock Art Tour exhibit held at the Turnbull Gallery September 13-24.
  7. No other artists’ work (unless approved Tour guest artist) can be available to the public at your location on Tour weekend).
  8. Most of the work on display must be original hand-crafted artwork. Artists may also include fine art reproductions (prints, giclees, etc.) wearable art and art cards.
  9. Distribute brochures provided by the Art Tour to your clients and to assigned locations within the Tour boundaries.
  10. Provide your email address – all Art Tour correspondence is electronic.
  11. Have a current website dedicated solely to your art. Facebook and Instagram accounts are not considered websites.
  12. Ensure that your website, blog, Facebook page, social media accounts, etc. are current.
  13. Maintain a link from your website to the South Rock Art Tour website (
  14. Be prepared to contribute to the Tour in a volunteer capacity.
  15. Proof the brochure by the print deadline.
  16. Display temporary Tour signs at your studio/gallery a week prior to the Tour. All temporary signs are the property of the Art Tour and are to be returned in the 5 days following the Tour (does not apply to Guest Artists).
  17. Consider having adequate 3rd party liability insurance of not less than $2,000,000. Participants may be required to provide proof of insurance. Most homeowner policies include this.  The Tour will not be responsible for any breakage or injury during the Tour.
  18. Submit photos for the Tour website and social media (minimum size of 1 MB).
  19. Submit information to the Tour organizers about studio parking and accessibility (does not apply to Guest Artists).
  20. Agree to a visit to your studio/gallery by jury members to being deemed an appropriate candidate for the Tour (does not apply to Guest Artists).

NB: The number of visitors can vary widely if you are in a remote location, especially if there are no other participating studios nearby. We strongly encourage you to host one or more artists, or as an alternative, applying as a Guest Artist might be the best option for you. Having multiple artists at one location generally draws more visitors.

B. Studio (and Display/Gallery Area) Requirements and Guidelines

  1. Display/gallery area can be separate from work area. It should be well lit.
  2. Studio and gallery area must be open to the public on Tour Weekend. 
  3. No other artist’s work should be on display during Tour Weekend (unless hosting an approved Guest Artist).
  4. Studio and gallery areas should be easily accessible and safe for the public. Nothing to trip over. No sharp tools, dangerous electrical wires or connections, no small items at child level, no very hot or cold apparatus within reach. It is recommended that all machinery be unplugged for the Tour weekend unless in a separate area not accessible by the public.
  5. Flooring should be even and stable. Stairs must be safe and include handrails.
  6. When open to the public, supplies, materials and tools used by the artist should be clean and organized. It is preferable to have some works in progress, some older and some recent examples of artist’s work.
  7. All work should be labeled and priced.